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"The War Veteran"

Full Name:
Race: Tomyr

Hometown: Duryan City, Brea
Date of Birth: November 11th

Eyes: Steel Grey
Hair: Dark Grey
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 260 lbs.

Occupation: Marine, 1LT

- Ballistics
- Melee Weapons

Notable Characteristics:
- Cyberized right arm
- Tomyr clan tattoos on left arm and back
- MPTF ID mark on right shoulder

After 84 years, Scyther has lived a very full life, though he could also argue that it has been all too long.

Hailing from the very heart of the Tomyr homeland, Duryan City, Scyther is, undoubtedly, an exceptionally proud tomyr. In fact, he belongs to one of the most storied clans in Andbran, the Bravehelm clan, who are said to be among the first clans to take part in The Uprising, a famous war that ended with the liberation of the Tomyr people, and subsequent founding of the nation of Andbran. Up until that time, the Tomyr were slaves to the elven people, often used as frontline fodder in war.

Though he is proud, honouring his ancestors whenever possible, he doesn't boast. In fact, he is very reserved and seldom speaks his mind. Only his long-time war buddy, Eddy Greyhart, is capable of bringing him out of his shell. He is a man who believes actions speak louder than words. If that can be considered truth, he is certainly the loudest on the battlefield. Scyther is a hulking, fierce warrior who, like many other tomyr, prefers melee weaponry in combat. His weapon of choice, the scythe, and his ability to cut a swath of destruction through any battlefield have earned him the title of "The Steel Grim Reaper".

He didn't always carry the name "Scyther" however. He began his military career at the age of 32, the equivalent of 16 for a human, as a mercenary doing odd jobs for certain organizations, escorting tradesmen, and the like. He joined the MPTF when he was 36 and rose through the ranks rather quickly as he visited a number of battlefields in and around Brea, his home nation. The most famous of these is the defence of Duryan City. Some 30 years ago, the Technocrats, believing a tomyr terrorist attack responsible for the destruction of one of their home cities, began a genocidal war on the Tomyr homeland. During the war, advances in technological warfare allowed the Technocrats to gain a considerable amount of territory in Andbran. By 2321, Duryan was the last city in Brea still under WCA control. The battle went on for several days and the city was eventually lost. In accordance with the order of genocide, all tomyr in Technocratic controlled territories were executed. Scyther, with the aid of a small band of rebels, was able to evade capture and flee to the neighbouring continent of Anun, though not without the loss of his right arm. Sadly, his wife and two daughters were among the first executed after the fall of Duryan. Scyther now harbours a deep hatred of elves, particularly neo-elves, since the Technocrats were founded by them.

After a few years of grieving in solitude, the man re-emerged in 2325 as "Scyther", and joined the MPTF once again, this time as an evocatus, a re-enlisted veteran. To this day, he blames himself for the loss of his family. Thus, he keeps his personal identity a secret, feeling he will dishonour his clan if he openly associates himself to them before finding a way to repay the Technocrats and avenge his family.