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"The Wayward Ninja"

Full Name:
Akaiki, Nyoko
Race: Elf (?)

Hometown: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown

Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 119 lbs.

Occupation: Mercenary Ninja

- Swordsmanship
- Marksmanship
- Hand-To-Hand
- Hacking
- Stealth
- Ninjutsu

Notable Characteristics:
- Regeneration
- Abnormal Strength
- Amnesia

Nyoko is a woman of contradictions. Where most elves are calm, collected and would rather use dialogue to solve problems, Nyoko is arrogant, short tempered, and believes the pen is only mightier when it can be used to stab her opponent in the eye. She’s not one to follow proper rule or law, and actively tries to dismantle governments or ruling bodies, yet believes so-called "anarchists" to be nothing more than foolish troublemakers. She has a thirst for combat and has a disciplined lifestyle, yet hates the military. She even broke one recruiter’s nose. Twice.

Her constant physical training has left her with a highly toned musculature and impressive physical strength, especially for an elf. She also possesses a type of regeneration ability: her wounds heal at a remarkably accelerated rate. Many argue that she is, in fact, a Neo-Elf with a highly advanced, fully cybernetic body. However, Nyoko denies this since she’s had her fair share of injuries (an unfortunate side-effect of her reckless personality) that more or less disprove these claims. Her eyes also appear to be totally natural. They lack the bright neon colors most cyborgs generally posses. Though this could easily be the result of customization.

Thanks to her physical traits, Nyoko has proven to be an exceptional fighter. Her swordsmanship and hand-to-hand skills are unmatched. She also has a wide set of talents, ranging from hacking, to marksmanship, stealth and even Ninjutsu, a type of dark magic, perfected by ninja, which uses the casters own personal mana stream rather than Sias. As an elf, she also possess a number of keen senses, ranging from enhanced hearing to low-light vision.

Unsurprisingly, Nyoko chose to become a mercenary ninja: a type of stealth agent that pursues contractual work for varying organizations. Her current employer is the Sia Liberation Front, an organized band of self-proclaimed "freedom fighters" who seek to dismantle the WCA and rebuild the White Empire. Though Nyoko opposes the WCA as well, her goals differ from those of the SLF. She has no recollection of her life prior to her coming to the city of Terell, 9 months ago, and believes the SLF’s conflict with the WCA can somehow grant her access to personal information about herself, and hopefully help her regain her identity.