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"The Ace Gunman"

Full Name:
Greyhart, Edward
Race: Human

Hometown: Terell, Salpera
Date of Birth: June 13

Eyes: Neon Green
Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 180 lbs.

Occupation: MPTF Sniper, MAJ

- Long Range Rifles
- Ballistics
- Hand-to-Hand

Notable Characteristics:
- MPTF identification mark on left shoulder
- Fully cyberized body, except right arm

Edward Greyhart was born to shoot and he knows it. He also takes care to insure everyone else around him knows it as well. Be it smug, arrogant, conceited, whatever people might wish to call him, one can't argue with his skill. He constantly pushes himself to be the best, and cares little about who he flies by.

Eddy spent his teen years hunting game animals with his family and taking part in riflery competitions. After taking home a number of trophies, he was recommended for the MPTF, which is often considered a professional career path. On his 18th birthday, he enrolled in the MPTF military academy. He completed his first year with the highest marks in his class. Upon entering his second year, he met Elissa Kailawen. Elissa was just as skilled and determined as Eddy, which bothered him a bit, since Elissa was a year younger than him and was accepted into the academy a full year sooner than the prerequisite age of 18. Despite this, the two soon began a friendly rivalry and became fast friends.

Upon completion of the second year, Eddy, along with Elissa, had demonstrated an incredible amount of skill in riflery. They were both transferred to the MPTF marksmen’s' academy to specialise in sniping. By graduation, Eddy had set a world sniping record of over 3 kilometres and was awarded with the rank of Corporal, as opposed to the standard recruit rank of Private First Class.

The next few years as an MPTF sniper gave Eddy the opportunity to really show what he was made of. Bagging an incredible 153 kills in a few years of duty, he was constantly being recommended for high priority assassination missions. No one was surprised to see Eddy recruited into the Praetorian Cohort, the MPTF's Black Ops division, when he was 24. Elissa Kailawen, considered Eddy's equal by many, applied for recruitment into the Blacks Ops, but was denied. In the ensuing months, Eddy's rivalry with her became bitter and Elissa left the MPTF. The two haven't seen each other since.

Most cohort recruits understand quite fast the dangers and challenges of taking part in 'black' operations, and opt for a fully cybernetic body. Eddy was no different and chose to get one himself. Though he fully understands, and appreciates, the benefits of being a cyborg, he still feels pulling the trigger requires a human touch. Thus, his right arm is still flesh and bone. Everything else, however, is made up of CyberGear. Like all cyborgs with cyberized brains, he has brightly coloured eyes and traces of code can be found jumping back and forth on his iris.