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"The Sellsword "

Full Name:
Gatehold, Allen
Race: Human

Hometown: Elwen, Telnathial
Date of Birth: February 6th

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 195 lbs.

Occupation: Mercenary

- Swordsmanship

Notable Characteristics:

Allen grew up in Elwen, a city in the elven nation of Telnathial, near the Salpera border. Following local customs, Allen was enrolled in a swordsmanship training program at a young age. Though his parents originally intended this to be nothing more than a mere hobby, Allen demonstrated a natural talent for sword fighting and immediately developed an interest in knighthood. Allen’s father, Oron Gatehold, was a high ranking member of the WCA’s scientific community and was able to fund his son’s training throughout his childhood and adolescence. Allen’s instructors pushed him to become better and he was eventually recommended for the MPTF, a government-owned military organization, and possibly become a knight once Allen came of age.

Unfortunately, his father was assassinated by the SLF before Allen was 18. His family fell on hard times after moving to the human city of Terell, and Allen had no choice but to temporarily give up his dream in order to help his family get by. When he was 20, Allen had amassed enough money doing odd jobs to enter the MPTF Military Academy, but his mother soon died as well. Thus, Allen made the decision to give up his life’s goal for good so that he may take care of his baby sister, Chelsea.

He now lives quietly with his sibling and does his best to be a good role model. In the past few years, his dedication to his sister has helped him develop a rather caring nature and he actively seeks to help whomever he can, whenever the opportunity comes. Though he enjoys the simple life, his desire for adventure still burns within. So, he obtained a job as a mercenary. It was also a logical choice, since the sword is really the only real skill he has. Not being a violent person, he tries to avoid combat. He often takes on jobs that he knows will have the least amount of risk. This also ensures that he will be able to take good care of his sister without worry.

Though he is a smart fighter, Allen lacks confidence in himself and doesn’t possess the killer instinct necessary to progress in his career. Therefore, he often finds himself stuck at a low position. Luckily, mercenary work pays considerably well, even at low ranks, so he never has to worry too much about finances. Allen is still considered a highly skilled swordsman. His size and strength make him ideal for mercenary work, often acting as a guard of some sort.

His commitment to his sister has prevented him from setting any long-term goals for himself. He simply believes in living his life the best he can, and hopes he can someday see Chelsea grow up right.