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Renaissance is a cyberpunk fantasy graphic novel. It is presented in a full color 'manga' style and is updated once a month, with several pages at a time. It is very action oriented, but also promisses a strong story with well developped characters.

Over 2,000 years ago, the world of Sia was caught up in a great war. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth... various factions fought with swords and sorcery for the ever seductive goal of absolute power. The constant abuse of magical energies inevitably caused a cataclysm that left Sia in ruins, forcing old rivals to band together in an effort to send the world into a new era of peace and prosperity. This "Renaissance" was sparked by a restriction on the use of magic and the beginning of a technological revolution.

Today, technology rules, and the people of Sia no longer fear another cataclysm. But still war rages on between the World Coalition Authority, a universal government harboring the remains of the Elf-Human Alliance, and the Technocrats, a faction dedicated to technological supremacy. History is destined to repeat itself as these two super powers vie for control over Sia’s populous.

Yet it is soon discovered that this war is not as simple as it seems when a young mercenary encounters an elf with an uncertain past. The two soon find themselves at the heart of this bitter global conflict and, as the line between man and machine becomes increasingly blurry and technology evolves to a point that it can achieve the unthinkable, it is only a matter of time before the very nature of human and elven kind comes into question.

Science has become the new black magic.

Cyberpunk fantasy
Cyberpunk is a sub-genre of science fiction that expresses ideas of human nature, technology and how one influences the other in the near future. Renaissance takes many aspects of this genre and fuses it with classic fantasy elements, such as the use of magic, to create a unique world and feel. Many have compared Renaissance to a series of table-top RPGs known as "Shadowrun".

To find out more about what constitutes cyberpunk, go here.

Mature Readers Only
This comic is intended for mature readers. It contains adult content, which includes:
Graphic violence and gore
Graphic or offensive dialogue
Nudity and sexual content
Other mature subject matter

About the Author
Name: David Coacci
Hometown: Montreal, Quebec
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Interests: Hockey, Gaming
Fav. Anime/Manga: Berserk, Ghost In The Shell